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Dry Wines

Logo - Gault & Millau Excerpt out of Gault & Millau Weinguide 2015:

"Bernhard Werner coped very well with the 2012 vintage. We tasted really good wines in all taste directions, often still quite yeasty, and always with a good acidity. We particularly liked the offdry Spätlese from the Laurentiuslay site, the Kabinett from the Annaberg site with its herbaceous notes, and a Spätlese from the same site with notes of lime. You will also find good sparkling wine here at attractive prices, for example the 2011 Riesling extra brut. The best wines of this Leiwen-based estate are regularly sourced from the Annaberg site in Schweich and from the Trittenheimer Apotheke site. The share of dry and offdry wines is unusually high at around 80 per cent, and the quality is always solid."

  • 2014 Rivaner trocken
  • 2014 Riesling trocken
  • 2014 Riesling Classic
  • 2014 „Vom steilen Hang” Riesling trocken
  • 2014 Annaberg Riesling Spätlese trocken
  • 2014 Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling trocken Großes Gewächs
  • 2014 Schweicher Annaberg Riesling trocken Großes Gewächs

∀ All listest products here do contain sulphites.